Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hitler's Toothbrush

You know how anyone caught wearing a toothbrush style mustache these days would be looked at with a bit of disdain?  (Well, from most people...)  This latest article tells me that we're taking this stuff a bit too far.  I mean, really?  The iced coffee pitch is a subliminal message purporting the virtues of terrorism?  Yasser Arafat is now defining fashion in the U.S.?  Michelle Malkin, the author of the terrorism comments, ought to be ashamed of herself.  How hard do you have to be looking to see symbolism in Rachael Ray's neck scarf?  People are gullible - You say something like that and they believe you.  (See...  You believed that, didn't you?)  I mean...  To the point that they actually pulled the ads.

What if Hitler had never trimmed his mustache?  The entire mustache wearing world have been deeply affected.  Fortunately, for the world, he was caught wearing a decidedly unattractive caterpillar looking patch of pubic hair that won't soon be missed.  Let's be clear...  I am not saying that caterpillars were in any way responsible for The Holocaust!  If a guy dresses like Michael Jackson, it doesn't mean he can dance.

We need to grow up.  Outside of the fashion industry, people are not defined by their facial hair or their scarves.  In the real world (shoot... even in most virtual worlds) people are defined by their actions.  What's the real problem, Malkin?  Didn't get your caffeine that morning?

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Anonymous said...

Dunkin donuts has now been added the the "axis of evil". They should put her in Gitmo until she confesses that coffee is an instrument of Al Quaida.