Friday, August 10, 2007

I Need More Minutes

I lied...  I had intended to write my next entry on some user interface details with the .Net 2.0 GridView, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  I need more minutes.  So many topics...  So little time.  I wish life was more like a mobile phone plan.  Well, in one particular way, at least.

Let's face it, for the most part, the way mobile phone providers and hardware vendors are tied together in this country - that's the USA for anyone reading this from abroad...  Well, abroad from my perspective... - makes for annoying service contracts on the service provider side and a stifling of creativity on the hardware vendor side.  But none of that is my point. 

The one thing I wish I could get in life is more minutes.  For a fee I can have minutes added to my cellular phone contract.  I can use 'em, for the most part, whenever I want.  Or not use them at all.  It's my option.  But I can request minutes.

I end up with so many ideas and interests that I want to pursue, there's so much time that needs to be dedicated to implementing a client solution properly and let's not forget about the wife and child, they deserve their time, too.  (Although Mufasa, the aforementioned child - an overly affectionate, tiny version of a lion - has no issue strolling up and sprawling himself across my keyboard or perching on my shoulder when he feels neglected...)  The only way to accomplish it all would be with more minutes.  I'd be willing to pay, no doubt.  More minutes.  I love the sound of that.

"Honey...  I know you wanted to go camping this weekend and we still need to bathe the office and paint the cat, but I have to finish this project before Monday and I have to do it from the client's site."  You know that's not going to win you any points on the home front.  But if you could just add more minutes...

My current life service provider offers 60 minutes each hour, and I use every one 'em.  I want to upgrade my plan so I can go camping.

Imagine...  Add an additional 30 minutes per hour during peak periods and get a bonus of 500 extra night and weekend minutes.  I could finish my project and enjoy an extended camping trip with my family.

And consider this:  if I was Hindu, perhaps I could get that rollover plan and enjoy some of my unused minutes next time around...

Yeah...  I definitely need more minutes.

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