Wednesday, May 23, 2007

After Duress

Okay...  So I'm new to this blogging thing and a couple of days after my first post I realized that I forgot to mention something that is directly related.

But what's the protocol for blog updates?  Technically, this isn't a new subject.  How sacred are the posted blogs?  Can one alter a blog once posted without disturbing the natural order of things?  And since this is all digital, is the natural order simply 0 then 1?  I mean there's not much room for disturbing that particular natural order short of completely reversing it.  And certainly I don't want to be responsible for an alteration of that magnitude.

But I digress...  Or not, actually, since I haven't even started discussing the thought I was thinking before I was confronted with the whole blog alteration conundrum.  So now I <insert opposite of digress, here>...

In discussing the issue of certificate revocation and the delays caused by automatic verification of certain, signed .Net assemblies, I forgot to mention that it seems the verification process is intermittent.  When I'm on an airplane (as I am now, not that it matters) and I start up SQL Server Management Studio, I don't get that long delay we experienced with disconnected MIIS server.

So it seems that either the certificate is being verified against a published crl, or the system is updating it's local copy of the crl or something along those lines, and once verified, or updated, it's good for some amount of time.  So it's possible that the issue can be solved by simply opening ports through the firewall to allow the system a quick peek to the published crl to satisfy its curiosity for a while.  Once sated, the firewall can be locked down again until the system loses confidence and requires another gander at the certificate black list.

This is all speculation on my part, however.  I haven't verified this other than watching the behavior of my own system.  And digging deeper into this isn't too high on my priority list.  But if I do stumble across a definitive answer to this, I'll be sure to post it.

Or do I just update this post...?

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